Tuesday, February 28, 2012

March Challenge Fun

I love a challenge so when the company I purchase a lot of my swarovski crystals from informed me they were going to be having a Challenge every day of the month of March, I couldn't resist but join in on the fun.

The company I use is FusionBead.com they are great with speedy delivery and No Shipping fees, now you can't beat that. They have a wide variety of great jewelry needs from seed beads to findings and more.

Okay so for the challenge I will not be doing something everyday as some of the challenges are not things I do, like wire wrapping and working with wires.

If you are a jewelry maker you might want to consider joining in on the fun check out their blog here
30 Day Challenge

I will be doing a lot of them and will post on my challenge days what I did for that challenge.

March 1st is to make a pair of earrings, oh easy peasy for me lol But it is a challenge so need some ideas on what I can make?? Leave a comment with your ideas.

I am considering these possibilities -

Until next time thanks for stopping by look forward to hear what you think would make a good pair of earrings for the challenge.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beardie Gets A New Home

Yes, I have bearded dragons :) my son is an adivid reptile lover, we have had beardies, as most like to call them, Leopard Geckos, turtles, snakes, and much more over the past few years.

Here are some pictures of my son (Todd) bearded dragon, Amelia, and my daughter (Betsy) bearded dragon, Dash.



Both are about 3 years old now, we got them both when they were just a few months old. At that age they measure about 2 to 3 inches without their tail.

Well this weekend we had the fun of upgrading Dash's tank, he has been in a 20gal tank and he is way too big for that small of a tank so Saturday we upgraded him to his new 40gal tank.

Dash's old home - 20gal you can see not much room

Setting up the new 40gal tank

Dash's New Home and he LOVES it :)

He is so much happier now, he use to be aggressive and I was really worried. If you put your hand in his tank he always attacked your hand. And Beardies are very docile and mellow reptiles, they are the best reptile for any beginner. Even a 5 year old can handle them :)

Once he was in his new home, he is now happy and doesn't even try to come toward your hand or even attack it :)

Just wanted to share a bit more bout myself and some of our fun times together, :)