Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Look To My Shop

Well here it is the end of 2011!! And the begining of a new year Yeah!!!

I have been working hard on redoing my shop for 2012. Adding new items and redoing lots of things with it

For 2012, I am planning a whole new line of beaded rings, beaded earrings, and new line of crochet

 Will be bringing in a new line of items for Valentines' Day in the coming weeks as well, so keep your eye on my shop over at SmileykitCreations from simple heart earrings, to crochet heart appliques and more.

Looking for some good ideas to for Valentines' Day as well, any suggestions please post in comments below.

Also my daughter, Kitten7658 who has a section in my shop and her own shop, is looking for some good ideas to make for Valentines' Day Cards and pictures.

Thanks for stopping by and reading, have a safe and happy holidays!

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