Thursday, May 31, 2012

What To Do With My Swarovski Figurines

I get asked a lot by folks just what can be done with my swarovski crystal figurines?

Well, there are a lot of different things my little animal figurines can be used for.  I have put together a collection of photos to help you see just how cute these guys are and some ideas. Of course, the ideas of what you can use these guys for is endless just use your imagination :)

First up is what a lot of people like to do is set them on the shelf, you can have just one or a whole collection!

A shelf full of Bunny Figurines

A shelf full of Kitty Cat Figurines

Even a collection of dog figurines

Like the outdoor type of critters, here are some real cuties

I think you get the idea of how they look so cute on your shelf too. Stop by my shop and get yours today!

But there are countless other ideas these little guys can be used for like, hanging off your purse -

You can put them on your cell phone as a charm -

Add them to your keys -

As you can see there are countless ways to use swarovski crystal figurines. It is easy to add a jump ring to the top of them and they can go every where you go! All my swarovski figurines can be turned into a charm!

And here is another great idea my daughter thought of too, you can put them on your Christmas tree :)


  1. Laura this post is great, I love how these critters look together
    My favorite is the orange kitty on the black purse

  2. They are all so cute! And thanks for sharing all the many uses!

  3. Great ideas! You definitely need to share this on your listings!

  4. Lovely and cute critters! So many great ideas to use them:)Best wishes!

  5. They are all so cute! Great plans for them. Now everyone should want one!

  6. Great idea to show everyone some imaginative ways to use your adorable critters! Do your buyers send fan photos? Those would be great to post ^_^ as well.