Sunday, June 3, 2012

Swarovski Animal Figurine Of The Week

I am slowly increasing my line of swarovski crystal figurines and charms.  These little guys are perfect for all kind of things you can do with them.

I will be adding one new animal a week and will spotlight them here.

This week I am starting out with my newest little critter the Baby Tiger

Click  here to read more

This little guy stands about 1 inch high and so cute

Would love to hear what type of animal you would like to see come to my shop. Please leave your comment below :)

Stop by my shop to see more adorable little swarovski crystal figurine animals!

ArtFire Shop  and my Etsy Shop



  1. He is gorgeous... so tiny and delicate.

  2. I think a rabbit, for good luck charm hanging off a phone! I certainly need it!!
    Love your creations, your so talented!

    1. Thank you Pop, I do have a rabbit in my shop you can see it here

  3. I think this tiger is one of my favorities!
    Have you done a panda bear yet?

    1. Glad you like him Jocelyn, Yes I recently did a Panda Bear

  4. Looooove the striped tail on that baby tiger. Too cute!

  5. Laura,
    He's adorable!!
    Can't see what you come up with next

    I would love to see a parrot down the line. Perhaps an African Gray Congo, love those

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