Thursday, June 14, 2012

Miss 2012 Pageant Update for my daughter

Well, it has been almost 2 months since my 15yr daughter participated in the Miss 2012 Teen Pageant.  It was a wonderful experience for both her and myself. She made a lot of new friends and had a wonderful time.

Although she didn't win anything she has learned a great deal about herself and what it takes to do something like this.  She isn't sure she will ever do something like this again.

I got the pictures back on CD that I paid $129 for.  They were suppose to be of her in candid shots throughout the pageant, and of her crossing the stage in each of her outfits, causal wear and formal wear.  Well, to say the least, I am PISSED OFF, this is all I got -

Taken in the studio
Taken in the studio

Taken at her Interview

Taken at her interview

Day of competition in her causal wear
Causal Wear

Taken day of competition in her formal wear

In this picture I would like to give credit to a dear friend of mine for making the red rose earring for her, Elizabeth from TurtleXIII on Etsy thank you so much :)

Formal Wear

 As you can see I got absolutely NO pictures of her crossing the stage in each of the categories. :((((((

And these are her candid shots -

I want to thank those of you for your support and encourging words you all offered to her, she is very happy and had a great time.

I have 2 phone calls into the photography place and have yet to hear from them. So upset I didn't take pictures myself, but was told the reason for purchasing this package was so I could share in the fun and enjoyment without the worry of picture taking.


  1. Laura,
    That is absolutely HORRIBLE that you did not get the photos you paid for. I do hope you get a refund and in the meantime, at least you got a few photos and lots of fun happy memories. Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL and looks like she had a great time

  2. You daughter looks like she had the time of her life and that is all that matters!

    Too bad you did not get the pics you wanted but these are nice.

  3. She looks great I love the dress in the candids but that is so sad about the pictures and I would be furious if I paid and did not get what I was expecting! I hope you can at least get some money back or something :( Or if she is in contact with some other girls maybe some parents took pictures and she is in some more?

    Congrats on participating though sounded awesome!

  4. So sorry you mised out the photos you were expecting. If its any copnsolation she looks absolutely wonderful in these pics!

  5. Beautiful daughter and beautiful photos ... but NOT what you paid for! I don't blame you a bit for pursuing the matter. You deserve an apology and at least a partial refund.

  6. She looks gorgeous! And so happy! I'm so proud of her!! And glad she loves her earring :)

    I would definately pursue the photographer! I would aslo let the pagent people know how unhappy you are, maybe he did this to everyone, and the pagent organizers should know, so they dont contract him again! It also works to put it in writing, so I would send them a letter too, with signature upon receipt, so you have prrof you sent it!