Monday, June 25, 2012

Swarovski Aniaml SpotLight For the Week

This week I am working on a series of swarovski crystal bird figurines.

To start off this week I have made a family of blue birds, daddy, mommy, and baby.  They are too cute.

All are handmade with swarovski crystals and crystal rounds and illusion cord is used to weave them together. Each little bird takes about half and hour to create.

Their measurements are as follows:

Daddy stands about  7/16 inches high and is about 1 1/4 inches wide

Mommy blue bird figurine stands about 5/6 inches high and is about 13/16 inches wide

And the little baby blue bird figurine comes in at about 7/16 inches high and 1/2 inches wide :)

Hope you enjoy my creations for this week...

Next week look forward to more adorable little animal figurines :)

Would love to hear what you think about my blue bird family figurines please leave your comments and suggestions below!

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