Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crocheting Is Fun

Have you ever done something as a kid, like crochet or knit or draw, then stopped doing it as you got older for whatever reason? Well, I use to crochet when I was younger, loved it have no real idea now why I stopped as family and friends LOVED what I created.

When I opened my Etsy shop over at SmileykitCreations I wanted to show off my beading work, then I was reminded of all the great things I use to crochet, so am now adding these to my shop. I love to crochet many different things and try out new things and new techniques.

I am having a blast making these stunning coasters -

Red Heart Coasters Set of 2

Bright Orange Coasters Set of 2

Christmas Coaster Flowers set of 4

And also making these adorable dishcloths -

Springtime Colorful Dishcloth
Earth-tone Dishcloth
I also have never attempted to make anything like gloves or hats before, so that was my challenge for this month -

Black Wide Headband

Fingerless Glove in Black and White

Cream Fleck Color Fingerless Gloves

Blue Crochet Beanie Hat

Black Crochet Hat with Red Flower

I have so enjoyed finding out new things to do lately. I hope you enjoy!

When it comes to your talent, do not forget those fun things we use to do as a kid, most of the time it is pretty easy to pick up and start doing it again.

For those that do know me well and love my beaded jewelry, NO worries I am still doing that and will always do my beading work :) it is my passion!

Here are just a few of my beaded items -

You can see many more items I have in my shop over at SmileykitCreations  as I am also holding a Black Friday Special right now too check out my shop announcement for more information :)


  1. uniquecozytreasures - These are just beautiful items.

  2. I used to crochet and knit. I was much better at knitting though I do bead crochet now upon occasion. My grandmother taught me to knit.

  3. wonderful! you're so talented! i'm too lazy to sit down and crochet. i wish i had the patience for it also!

  4. wow you have been busy! glad you are enjoying your old craft again! i have not crocheted in years!

  5. I love crochet! but I'm really bad doing it! lol your creations are gorgeous!
    Have a great day!

  6. lovely! glad you returned to your passion

  7. You have many talents! I am amazed at the tiny beaded things you make.

  8. Your beaded creations are amazing...and your crocheting is fab, too!! You have many talents!

  9. Your fingerless gloves are so cute! And I absolutely love the horse earrings!